Terms and Conditions

All services are provided subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. This agreement is between AlbanianTranslations (the Company) and you (the Customer) for any services that we may provide.

2. For any deadline proposed without our having seen the text, we reserve the right to renegotiate the terms or cancel the order if it is clear that the terms originally offered are not feasible for any reason relating to the nature of the text.

3. Urgent jobs necessitating work outside normal hours or that are due after a short period of time will be charged at 50% above normal rates.

4. Any translation delivered by the Company to the Customer shall be conclusively deemed to have been made subject to these conditions unless otherwise agreed in writing.

5. Times stated for delivery by the Company whether in writing or orally are bona fide estimates which the Company will use its best endeavors to achieve but the Company cannot guarantee the same and no liability shall attach to the Company in the event of delivery being delayed (by circumstances beyond its control). Delay shall in no circumstances amount to or be deemed to be a breach of contract; neither shall the Customer be entitled to treat the contract as repudiated by reason of the delay.

6. Unless otherwise agreed all translations supplied by the Company are for information purposes only and no warranty is given as to their suitability for the purposes of publication. Whilst every attempt is made to ensure translations are as accurate as possible, the Company cannot guarantee to comply with the subjective preferences of the Customer and the Company shall not be held liable for any consequential loss or damage caused by any inaccuracy or difference of interpretation unless the error is such that no reasonably competent translator could possibly have made it. All errors or defects in translation must be brought to the attention of the Company within thirty days of receipt by the customer.

7. It is the Customer's obligation to supply the Company with material to be translated in a legible form. In the event that material supplied by the Customer is not clearly legible, the Company may at its discretion decline to undertake or complete the translation in which case the Company shall not be liable for the non-completion of the translation.

8. The Customer is responsible for immediately notifying the Company of any changes that may occur during the translation process, which affect, in any form, the content or format of the final product or document to be delivered. Any changes will be subject to price adjustment upon agreement by both parties.

9. In the event that the price payable by the Customer is agreed to be payable in installments failure by the Customer to make any installment payment on or by the due date shall render the whole sum outstanding immediately due and payable.

10. All texts and documents will be treated as confidential and will not be made available to any third parties, unless we are instructed to do so. We are bound to treat all your projects, trade deals, documents, know-how or any other information as confidential with exception of the information already well known to the public.

11. In the event that the Customer cancels an order placed with the Company, the Company shall be entitled to make a cancellation charge not exceeding the value of the order were it completed. The customer has the right to cancel their order within 24 hours of placing it.

12.Translation Service will be charged in accordance with our price list in effect, unless otherwise agreed in writing. A minimum fee applies. A deposit may be required with large translation projects. From time to time the Company may review its pricing structure.

13. No alteration to these Terms and Conditions shall have any effect without the express written consent of the Company.
























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