LOCALIZATION more than simply word for word translation. It is a process of converting a product into a different language and culture so that the product appears as if it originated in that country. In this way you can be sure that your product has the best possible chance of making a true connection with the customer.

Text translation and localization to Albanian is always performed by specialist native translators with an educational and/or professional background in the subject area. Through our language specialization and our local presence, we will help you reach your target audience in Albania.

Regarding web site localization we can provide you with the localized text or with complete HTML pages. We can also localize text in graphics and scripts in close partnership with native webmasters and web designers, evaluate the local cultural impact of all graphic elements and adapt them accordingly.

To receive a quotation for website localization into Albanian, please contact us by e-mail, phone or fax.

You dedicate a large amount of your budget, and a good part of your efforts, to create and maintain an image of professionality. The right localization vendor should become, ideally, a member of your team, share your interest in your product and have your budget constraints in mind.

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