What is an Associate?

Our Associates are professional translators who take on translation projects.
An Associate will be assigned a project, after submission of a document by a customer. The Associate is selected for the particular project according to his/her translation expertise.
The Associate will complete the project and submit it to the Albanian Translations management. The document will go through the procedure described here and then be submitted to the customer.

How can I become an Associate?

To become an Associate, you must have experience in the areas that are described in this web site, in the section Translation.
All Associates work at their own pace, from home, and there is no need for commuting. The cooperation is not full time, but project-based.
An Associate must have a PC at home, access to the Internet and exellent word processing skills.
An Associate is expected to comply with deadlines, as they are set by Albanian Translations.

Contact now!

  • Please, make sure you follow these guidelines for submitting your information, or we will be unable to process your request.
  • Write your language combination in the Subject of your e-mail message, followed by your name.
  • Attach your resume as a Word or PDF file, name the file as follows: Source_Language_Target Language_YourName (Example: SP_SQ_John_Smith.doc)
    (Macintosh users: please, add the tag ".doc", ".rtf", or ".pdf" to the document name)
  • Do not send your resume in the body of your e-mail message
  • Do not name your resume CV.doc, Resume.doc, etc. We receive many resumes daily, and it would be impossible to process them if they are not named properly.
  • Do not send ZIP files.

Your resume should include the following information:

  • Contact Information:
  • Name (First and Last), Telephone, Mobile Phone, Fax, e-mail address
  • Native and other languages
  • Years of experience
  • Education, Degrees, etc.
  • Rates per word, per hour, and minimum charge (EURO/GBP/USD)
  • Daily output
  • Areas of specialization
  • Hardware and Software
  • References.

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