This section explains the simple procedure we follow in order to satisfy your requirements and to make sure the result is of a high quality.

Document submission procedure.

To submit your document for translation:

-Document size (in words or pages)

-Document type (eg programming, telecommunications, electronics etc.)

-A sample page of the document

-Your contact details

  • We will contact you with:

- a price quote,

- an estimation of the time for completion of the translation process,

- a translated section of your sample up to 200 words.

In this way you can evaluate our translation quality and be sure that the finished document will be of a high quality. There is no charge for this translated section.

  • If you decide to agree with our Terms and Conditions, then you can send the document to us as an e-mail attachment or by fax or ftp.
  • You will be informed that we have received the document.

You will receive further details about payment and delivery by email.

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Translation Procedure

The material is translated into the target language by one of our associates. Our translator's teams include a head translator, an editor, and a proofreader.

The translated material is reviewed by an editor and sent back to the translator to implement possible changes and/or modifications.






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In this stage a proofreader will review the translation's appropriateness for the target market and prepare the text for the next step.

Pre-Final Proof
The documents are proofed again prior to preparation of the final output (if required by client, otherwise we perform the preliminary and final proofs in the word processing files)

Final Output/Desktop Publishing
Text and localized graphics are imported into the desktop publishing software of your choice, in order to provide you with the camera-ready files.

Final Proof and Delivery
The desktop publishing/camera ready files are reviewed for hyphenation, text fitting and legibility.

Glossary Development
Documents are analyzed in order to extract key terms that will be gathered in a client/project glossary. The first step in our approach to translation is the development of a glossary for each particular project. Our terminology management database includes tens of thousands of terms. We build and develop glossaries to satisfy every client's needs. This method allows us to assure consistency and accuracy throughout the documents. Our library of specialized dictionaries is constantly updated. Each project has its corresponding glossary, which includes the client's terminology. In many cases the same term will be translated differently into the same target language, depending on the geographic region, target audience, etc. Effective terminology management is the first step in ensuring that your translation will be perfectly adapted to your target market.

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