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Atlantis Language Center, Russia
Translations from/into most European and Asian languages into/from Russian and ex-USSR languages.

Italian translations by AMTrad Services
Translation and localization services for the Italian language.

Spanish Translation Language translation services by human translators. High quality translations at excellent prices.
Website translation and localization. Over 100 languages.

Brazilian Portuguese translator - An online Portuguese and English translation service with dual native speakers of 14 years friendly and efficient, translating expertise.  

Accurate Russian Translations: Professional Russian translation to/from English in business, science and technology, creation of web-pages in Russian. Document/letter translation. Translation resources directory.

VOX Translations, Corp. -Translations provided by certified translators offering a broad range of language services including edition, localization, cultural consulting and more.

English to Russia translation : Professional English to Ukraine translation

Learn English: Comprehensive resource for studying English online.

Learn English Online: Free courses and materials for learning English.

Translation Services : Translation Central - Professional Translation Services Agency

English Maze: A unique website for ESL students, teachers and schools worldwide. Contains hundreds of dynamic Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing & Grammar activities. Plus Chat, Discussion boards, E-pals, Lesson plans + many other free resources.

Green Card Lottery: The USA Green Card Lottery registration

Language Translation: Translation agency providing the highest quality translation service in all languages across a wide spectrum of subjects

Online State University: A comprehensive directory of all major U.S. universities and colleges. Includes information about history, academics, unique programs, student life, student statistics, admissions, athletics, and the local community for each school

Cipherion: A Cipherion is a translation agency in Ireland, that offers various translation & localization services including legal, medical, multilingual & technical translation services.

U.S. Translation Company: Expert Translation, Interpretation, and Localization in Over 100 Languages.

Interpretation and Translation: All Your Language Needs with Thousands of Professional Interpreters, Translators, and Linguists.

Spanish Translation: Spanish Translation Solutions: Trusted Translations, Inc.
Quality professional Spanish translation Services at the best prices by expert Spanish translator teams.

Study a Foreign Language Abrod: Discover our great selection of foreign language courses around the world. Learn the language and enjoy the local culture at one of our wonderful destinations including France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Spain, China, Japan and Russia.

Blitranslations: Offers Russian language translation services, including interpretation, website translation and Russian voice over talent.

Language Translation & Interpretation: Provides resource on language schools, language translators, interpretors and more.

Spanish Translation Services: BB Spanish is the industry leader in spanish language translation services.

English translation: - E.P.A.'s proven team offers professional translation services in many European languages to meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

Certified Russian Translators: BB Russian has Certified Russian translators to provide efficient and accurate Russian translation.

Language Translation Services: - Is a professional language translation & interpretation service provider dedicated to providing accurate and culturally sensitive international communication services that meet and surpass industry standards.

Translation Services Canada: We are a translation company providing translation, transcription and interpreting services in a broad range of fields and languages.

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